Job description of a Security Personnal


  1. To protect life and property of the guests, visitors and employees in the premises of the organization and to prevent any kind of pilferage.
  2. To offer special protection to V.I.Ps and govt. dignitaries.
  3. To deal with protests and demonstrations and exercise effective crowd control.
  4. To prohibit undesirable elements from entering the premises and their effective expulsion.
  5. To prevent disturbance on account of any function or activity in and around the premises.
  6. To make clear and concise plans to deal with any explosive (bomb) threat.
  7. To assist transferring of cash smoothly.
  8. Checking of loading and unloading of the stores.
  9. To issue passes to contractors/visitors to identify them as persons authorized to work in/visit the premises.
  10. To handle complaints pertaining to security.
  11. To organize the department in such a way, so as to implement the management’s instructions and policies.
  12. To ensure fire-prevention and safety in all areas of the organization.
  13. To preserve evidence in the event of a crime and carry out duties that follow its detection.
  14. To come to the rescue of endangered persons.
  15. To handle emergency situations, such as, fire, storms, floods or riots.
  16. To write daily reports on the untoward activities that may have been observed.
  17. To liaison with the local police.
  18. To check the inward/outward material movement and keep/maintain the records.
  19. To search the contractor’s men/employees while they are going out of premises (as per the company’s policies).
  20. To undertake thorough checking of all the vehicles leaving the premises.
  21. To follow other instructions of the management, if any.

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