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Leaders in Security guard manpower service providers with a vast portfolio of services and decades of experience
  • Capt. M.M. Bhardwaj

    CEO Capt. M.M. Bhardwaj, an Indian Army officer and also a very successful Security professional, heads this organization. He has worked as a Chief Of…

  • Corporate governance

    Black Dragon experienced management team and their resources are ideally positioned for answering this immediate corporate demand for both small and large companies. Black Dragon…

  • Our responsibility

    OUR RESPONSIBILITY:- » Checking of vehicle and goods incoming and outgoing as per the document. » Search of workers coming in and leaving the factory…

  • Our office

    Black Dragon Security Pvt. Ltd. Delhi office : 311, Vardhman Plaza, PaharGanj, Delhi Noida Office: 1134, Sector 37, Noida We are also opening  another office…

  • Diversity & inclusion

    Black Dragon is committed to hiring and retaining a diverse workforce. Our goal is to increase diverse representation throughout the company. Equal Opportunity Employer All…

  • Our history

    Capt.M.M. Bhardwaj, with his indian armed forces background, worked as Manager Admin and Security for over 2 decades with companies like Taj Hotels, Modi Xerox,…


Black Dragon Security at a glance

Choosing a business security solution is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Security Services Companies in India

Here at Black Dragon Security, we are dedicated to you and all your different Security needs.
We've been around for over 20 years as one of the leaders in the security industry, providing the highest quality security services available to the corporate environment. We have managed to ascertain impressive client retention.

We at Black Dragon have been inspired in our undertaking by an earnest desire to render real services to people who have been harassed by doubts and misgivings about their safety and well being in different situations, in an atmosphere charged with violence and uncertainty. Highly personalized service and a deep concern for our client have the cardinal principles of our set-up. We believe in providing value-added customer service.
Black Dragon is a client focused organization and we thoroughly screen and train our officers and ensure that our managers and supervisors provide responsive and thorough account service. Our staff provides immaculate efficiency and dedication towards their work. We have ensured the highest quality and performance of our personnel through handsome and liberal emolument, which indisputably are the very best, as compared to others.

What gives Black Dragon a winning edge over the others is that our success is our guard force. Every security guard is selected after a detailed screening and is provided with thorough training before they are deployed. We look forward to the future with robust confidence and hope, secure in the belief that, ultimately, it is quality which matters.

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