How to Find the Best Security Guard Company?

The metropolitan cities are home to large populations and consequently witness more crimes. For instance, Delhi had a population of around 16.7 million in the year 2011 and the largest business centre in north India is witnessing a growth rate of over 10%. As a city becomes richer, its security requirements also increase manifold. As government cannot cater to the security needs of all individuals and businesses comprehensively, the importance of a well-trained, certified and tested security service is more in the major cities and metropolitan regions.

If you want to know what makes for an efficient security service that can best secure your premises and valuables, read the article below.

ISO certification

The ISO standard relevant to the establishment and operation of security operations is ISO 18788:2015. It checks the efficiency and competence of a security service in aspects and parameters like:

  • Conduct of the security operation to fulfil the needs and requirements of both businesses and clients.
  • Accountability to the law of the land, and respect towards the human rights.
  • Adherence and conformity towards the security operation management.

A security company in India may also be ISO 9001 certified. This certification is towards the quality of management system across all operations.


All leading security service companies provide the guards training related to investigations, security techniques, patrolling, report writing, use of firearms and handling of emergency, among other skills and aspects.

Police verification

A leading security company runs a police verification on all its employees so that no person having a criminal record joins the organisation. The procedure helps in prevention of crimes, as a security guard with a suspicious and criminal past may himself indulge in wrongdoing.

Authorised and compliant

The reputed security services comply fully with the Government laid norms and statutes. They are hence certified by the Government. The employees and guard of these service organisations get benefits like PF and ESI and are fully satisfied with the perks, privileges and salary of the job.


As different kinds of business establishments and individuals have different and specific security concerns, a leading security service in Delhi and India has a specialised team of security guards to accomplish each task the best way. For instance, you may get trained and experienced security guards in areas including:

  • PSO
  • Hotel security
  • Industrial Security
  • Security Guards

A leading security company should have been in the market for a few years and has numerous satisfied clients who also act as referrals of the business.

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