10 Qualities your security personnel should possess

While technological advancement has enabled the creation of numerous tools and devices to assist in security operations, there are certain qualities your security personnel should always possess – characteristics which are essential when looking for the best security team.

As a professional security company, Black Dragon Security knows all too well the importance of employing a security team with high standards, experience and knowledge. Below, we highlight the key characteristics of an excellent security guard.

1. Honesty & integrity

Security personnel MUST be trustworthy. There are times where a security guard must work alone, and must be trusted to stay vigilant. Honesty is essential to building and maintaining trust. These qualities are so fundamental, companies often require background checks to be conducted to ensure a security guard does not have a criminal record or history of dishonesty.


Ample training is a prerequisite of any successful security guard. The top security guards will have undergone extensive training to help them obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their job role. The easiest way to identify a security guard’s level of training is through certification and licensing such as the PSARA license.

3. Experience

The best security guards have a high level of experience and can handle a range of threats and scenarios – whether you require event stewards for a festival, or personal security for a high profile case. Many of our security guards have real world experience, or experience in dealing hostile and high-risk situations to ensure all potential issues are covered.

4. Vigilance

Being able to think on their feet and recognise when action needs to be taken is fundamental. A security guard must be able to identify a potential threat or disruption quickly and efficiently, gauging the situation, people and surroundings as effectively as possible.

5. Lead and follow

Knowing when to lead, as well as when to follow the rules, is a crucial quality security guards must possess. Leadership ability is imperative to maintaining a client’s safety. A good security guard will know when to impose necessary practices and common sense to eradicate a possible threat. Abiding by a strict code is also important, though there will be instances where a course of action is altered in order to keep a client safe or that legal requirements are met.


Whether your security guard is working as part of a team, or individually, they must be able to communicate with articulation and comprehension. This extends to employees, management, clients and – if necessary – out law enforcement bodies.

7. Physical fitness

The ability to maintain high levels of physical fitness is a crucial quality of any security guard as it is likely that they will be very active throughout their working day. There may be occasions where a security guard must patrol a large area, or outrun a criminal at your place of business. Our security guards are healthy, nimble and physically reliable, enabling them to defend themselves and well as their clientele when required.

8. Attitude

Excellent security personnel will be calm yet assertive at all times. These skills are key to resolving situations involving conflict. In addition, showing respect for those they are working with is a fundamental part of the job – however, it is also important that a security guard is shown resort from those they work with in return.

9. Low profile

There are some occasions where a security guard will need to be visibly present, but it is important to know when and how to blend in order to reduce the impact or disruption an incident may cause.

10. Drive

The best security guards are those who are passionate about their jobs, those who are driven to help people and those who value human life above all else. These security guards are the most dedicated, loyal and hard-working you will find.

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