PSO Services in Delhi NCR


Black Dragon is a professionally organised team of specialised Personal Security officers Delhi NCR including ex NSG /SPG and Civilian commandos who have achieved a respectful reputation in diverse security providing services. Our PSOs assure paramount protection to fellow citizens through their committed and focused security services. We can provide both Armed and Unarmed PSO services in Delhi NCR to protect innocent people from falling prey to life-threatening assaults.

In an attempt to make Delhi NCR a secure and safer place, we have prepared our PSOs to intensely tackle the crime situation of the city. The team of security supervisors at Black Dragon analyses the areas in the city where crime is prevalent and based on that information, we prepare our PSOs to combat any unpleasant situation. The armed PSOs carry licensed weapons and are trained to use the armoury only in critical events. Our unarmed personal security manpower is prepared to handle any attack that may incite physical damage.

How Do We Train Our PSOs?

Our Personal Security officers Delhi NCR are subjected to a stringent selection process and are employed only after they clear rigorous fitness and aptitude benchmarks. The security officers at Black Dragon regularly go through advanced training programs by professionals and participate in every day physical training sessions, brainstorming workshops about technical understanding of security gadgets, preparation for developing key skills necessary for the task, behavioural learning, educational programs, and discipline classes. These ancillary programs equip us and establish us as one of the best PSO services in Delhi NCR.

The ever–rising crime rate in Delhi compels you to sit up and notice the vulnerability to which residents and visitors are exposed to on a daily basis. Black Dragon PSOs utilise their keen sense of observation to identify situations that challenge them to display their power in public.

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