The Advantages of Private Security Services For Your Business

Private security services are an excellent way to protect your most valuable assets. These assets may include employees, properties, and equipment.

In this blog we will look at the advantages of private security services for your business as well as explaining what private security services are for those that do not know. So, let us begin…

What are Private Security Services?

Put simply, private security services are any form of security provided by a private organisation. These services may include stewarding, mobile patrols or alarm activation callouts. Private security organisations create tailored plans to help protect you against theft, vandalism, fire, and any other illegal activity.

It is important to understand that private security is not the same as public security. Public security refers to government regulated operatives, such as the police. Public security tends to be highly regulated in comparison to private security and is often not as technologically advanced.

So, remember…

Private Security = Any form of security service provided by a private organisation.

Public Security = Police, detectives, and other public sector security officials. They are highly regulated and funded by the government.

What are Common Private Security Services?

As mentioned above, private security services may include any actions you take to protect your assets against theft, vandalism, fire, and any other illegal activity. Check out some of these below:

On-site Guard

On-site security guards are what are stereotypically imagined when you think of private security. They will perform a combination of tasks throughout their working day to minimise the threat of theft, vandalism, fire, and any other illegal activity.

Concierge Security

Concierge security solutions allow organisations to create a secure and guarded front of house environment. This type of security is usually seen in places that offer hospitality, such as hotels and restaurants. Concierge security responsibilities often include CCTV monitoring, monitoring the access to premises, welcoming and greeting visitors, and providing a standard security service.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols remove the need to have a full-time security guard on your premises. Instead, a trained guard will visit your business as agreed or at random times to check over the interior and/or exterior of your premises. They perform a similar service to an on-site guard and watch out for energy wastage, vandalism, crime, or perhaps even unwanted occupants.


Stewarding officers ensure that everyone who attends an event is safe. Stewarding can be arranged for a festival, a sports event, a concert, or any type of indoor or outdoor gathering which is expected to attract a big crowd.

Alarm Activations

An alarm activation service includes an accredited security professional attending your premises if there is an activation. Although there are several reasons why your alarm system could have been activated, some of which not always leading to criminal activity, it saves you or an employee having to visit a potentially dangerous situation.

Advantages of Private Security Services for your Business

Private security services will provide many benefits for your business. Check out some advantages they can bring below:

1) A professional security presence on your premises helps to create a safe and secure environment for your employees and the public visiting.

2) Private security is an excellent deterrence to criminals looking to exploit your business. The mere presence of an organised security is often enough to convince criminals not to attempt illegal activities.

3) Private security help to prevent unauthorised access onto your site. This improves safety as well as protecting you from any potential accidents and lawsuits.

4) Depending on your industry, private security can be deployed to protect your most valued and expensive assets. This helps ensure that essential equipment is never stolen.

5) Your workers have increased protection from unwanted visitor or distractions. This allows them to focus on their work increasing productivity and employee happiness.

6) Private security solutions give you immediate rapid response to criminal activity. This comes with a faster response time than public security officers, increasing the chances of you catching the criminal.

7) Private companies often have more time and resources to focus on technology and advancements. This means a private services ensures that you have the best standard of service available on the market.

8) Private security services are not restricted by law and politics. This often gives you more freedom to create a truly tailored plan for your business.

Private Security Services During the Pandemic

Unfortunately, with the outbreak of the Coronavirus and the pandemic, many organisations security needs have evolved and became more essential to their everyday operation. We wanted to highlight some private security services that can be used as part of a Coronavirus response:

1) Stewards and guards can be used to enforce social distancing.

2) Stewards and guards can be used to advise on Coronavirus best practices, including one-way system navigation.

3) Stewards and guards can be used for crowd control and line control.

Private Security Services For Your Business

We hope that this blog has been helpful in explaining what private security services are and the advantages they can bring to your business.  

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