How to Conduct a Security Check on a Vehicle

A commonly performed procedure by Security Guards when working at secure sites; industrial zones, events, high risk locations; is a vehicle security check. This type of procedure will enable you as a security officer to identify the car in question, the person driving it and their intentions. You will consider:

  • Are they the person they claim to be?
  • Are they allowed on the site?
  • Does their vehicle qualify for entry?
  • Is it carrying anything that could be deemed suspicious or a potential risk/threat?

The first thing to note when approaching the car is to take down the registration number and make of the vehicle. Once you’ve done that, approach the vehicle which you’ve instructed to pull over to the side.

Inform the driver of the car, “we’re doing vehicle searches today, would you mind showing me your ID please?” Verify the ID and confirm that it is the person you are talking to, that he/she is allowed on site and that he/she is coming on site for the right reasons.

Then, instruct the person to kindly switch off the car and step out of their vehicle so that you may perform your checks. Once the driver is clear of the car proceed to check the front of the car through the driver side door. You’re not looking to check every single compartment. You’re looking for anything inconspicuous inside the car. Have a quick look under the seats to make sure there is nothing out of the ordinary.

Then, ask the driver to open the back door and do the same thing in the back; step in, have a good look. Make sure there’s nothing under the seats, nothing that doesn’t belong.

You’ll then move to the back of the vehicle and do the same thing with the boot of the car. Get a good look inside it and assess the contents. For example, if you see a backpack or duffel bag, ask to see the contents. Have a quick search of the bag and make sure it’s clear. Take note of any other items that might conceal such as tarps. Importantly, always get the person who has been driving the car to do the lifting and the opening of compartments, don’t do it yourself.

Once these steps have been undertaken and you can give it the all clear, direct the driver back to their car, thank them again and see them on their way.

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