Equipment Needed for Security Officer Duties

A lot of people and some of you may live under the misconception that a security officer uses very specialized equipments, but the truth is that they use the exact same equipment used by most police officers. In fact, the most basic equipment that security services companies in India provide to employees is a Baton. However a Baton is not enough so here is a list of certain gear that security guards must have.

A good Flashlight

There is no doubt that a flashlight is one of the most important equipments for a security guard and every security guard company inĀ Delhi gives their employees a good flashlight. This can also be used a tool for protecting oneself since certain flashlights are made of metal and can be used to strike if needed.


A pair of boots is very important for security guards as most of them are required to walk and patrol for long hours and in this case they will not get sore feet even after doing stretchy hours.

Security Belt

This is by far one of the most important equipment for a security guard. A belt is where all the equipments are stored so you do not have to fumble while searching for a flashlight. Certain belts come with a clip or slide that lets you attach extra pieces.


Some security services companies in India employ security guards with handguns to employ them in high security places. A gun is usually used by security guards in areas where they expect a lot of problems. Typically security guards with guns are paid much higher.

A kit containing first aid supplies

This is a must have for security guards, this is used not only for themselves but for other people who may be present with them. For example if you have somebody approaching you for a band aid you will know where to find it without wasting any time. So these are some of the equipments that a security guard must have at all times, there are other equipments that are used but these are by far the most important. A security guard company inĀ Delhi provide training to their employees to use these equipments in the best possible way.

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